Our Company

New Scientific Company, founded in 1981 by Doctor Leonardo Massaro, operates in the laboratory diagnostics sector of proteins of clinical interest.
For more than 25 years, NSC has developed its direct presence in the Italian and Spanish markets.
Today the company produces in Italy and markets its products internationally thanks to agreements with leading companies in the sector.
A lively Research and Development activity supports the business and allows us to offer an answer to the needs deriving from the rapid evolution of the diagnostic demand.

Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains

The products dedicated to the characterization of these analytes constitute the heart of New Scientific Company which, first in the world, proposed them in 1988, obtaining an international patent.
Thanks to the use of dedicated kits, it is possible to determine the qualitative and / or quantitative determination of Free Light Chains in non-concentrated urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other biological fluids.
The analytical method, in the liquid phase, is based on direct immunoreaction towards the “Hidden” antigenic determinants, ie those not accessible in the presence of the bond of light chains with heavy chains in intact immunoglobulin.
Many years of expertise and the use of specific antisera adsorbed against human Free Light Chains guarantee the formulation of products characterized by reliability, specificity and high diagnostic value.

Other proteins

Over the years, following market requests, other kits have been developed and introduced for the nephelometric and / or turbidimetric determination of some proteins of particular diagnostic interest.
Among these, the Retinol Binding Protein (for serum and urine samples), Properdin Factor B (GBG – C3PA) and other proteins involved in the metabolic pathways of Complement, such as factor C1q and C1 (esterase) inhibitor (CEI) deserve mention. ).
The business experience and the innovative contribution of young, motivated staff with excellent levels of specific skills allow New Scientific Company to consider and implement product implementations and customizations for dedicated nephelometric and turbidimetric applications.


For research and development in the field of immunochemical determination of Free Light Chains in biological liquids, NSC obtained the Technological Innovation Award of the Milan Chamber of Commerce in 1990.